Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview Roundup

Yeesh. I've been meaning to do this for MONTHS, but when Magic Under Glass came out, I was in the midst of confusing hand pain hell, and didn't pursue any interviews. I did all the interviews people asked me if I would do, but then I didn't do much of a job publicizing them. I am so SOOO appreciative of all the people who did approach me and ask to interview me. I also feel bad that I didn't really keep track of where I did interviews at the time. Well, I just spent an hour Googling myself (a hazardous occupation at any time...did you know some libraries list how many times a book has been checked out? I didn't know this until today...) so I could compile this belated list of interviews! See me answer the question "how did you get the idea for Magic Under Glass?" ten different ways!

Authors Unleashed
Bloomsbury UK
The Book Butterfly (Guest post: Interview with Erris from "The Young Maiden's Own Magazine")
The Book Report
The Book Scout
The Compulsive Reader
DaydreamerN's Reviews
Drenched in Words (L. K. Madigan)
The Enchanted Inkpot
The Hiding Spot
In Bed With Books
LiyanaLand! (Interview with Nimira.)
LiyanaLand! (Deleted scene with the original version of Erris, at the bottom of the post.)
Manga Maniac Cafe
Oasis for YA
Post Mortem (A very fun interview between Jackie Morse Kessler's Death and my Erris.)
The Spectacle
Tea Mouse
Windowpane Memoirs
YA Highway

(P. S. Almost forgot, if you did an interview with me that Google didn't turn up, don't be shy! Let me know so I can add it to the list.)


  1. Okay. I was thinking about it, but I guess I won't ask to interview you. You're probably interviewed out! Wait...maybe I can catch you for Land and Sea...(I hope I got the title right, if not...sorry) *gulp*

  2. Oh dear...I definitely got the title wrong so it's time to put my apology into play...*shaking head* "Between Sea and Sky". Is that it? LOL...Yikes!

  3. Oh, I'm always up for more interviews! The above is really not that many when you consider they're spread across the months since December. But waiting for the next book is fine too.

    (Close!! It's "Between the Sea and Sky." )