Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank yoooou!!! + Magic Under Glass comics!

Today is the last day of my debut year. And what a year it has been. There were times of immense stress...and times of immense joy. But the best part of all was getting to meet and talk to fans, and seeing that, a year later, my book is still being talked about here and there. Still getting reviewed, still getting added to Goodreads. I appreciate all these signs of life SOOO much! I hope that you'll like the sequel in 2012 and, before that, Between the Sea and Sky. I couldn't really do too many nifty things for Magic Under Glass because I had a repetitive stress injury at the time, but I have a few neat little plans for Sea and Sky.

For today, however, enjoy these Magic Under Glass comics I made (a while back, actually...I've been lazy about scanning them, as you can probably tell since one addresses the new cover which only came out MOOOONTHS ago). Click to see them bigger! (Sorry the text is kind of hard to read otherwise...>_<)


  1. Congratulations for a good year! In fact, Magic Under Glass was the very first book I read this year. It says so in my LJ. I'm very much looking forward to Sea and Sky.

    Cute comics! Awesome!

  2. Love the comics! I enjoyed Magic Under Glass and can't wait to read more of your work. Looking forward to Between the Sea and Sky.

  3. Hee! Love the out-of-book conversations!