Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spanish Magic Under Glass cover!

Yesterday was my birthday, and the publishing industry so kindly provided me with coincidental gifts! Like the Spanish cover to Magic Under Glass aka "Corazon Mecanico" aka "Clockwork Heart". I think it's absolutely lovely and I like the new title too. I love how different this is from my other covers. How interesting to see all the interpretations.

I also heard from my editor that copyedits for Between the Sea and Sky are on the way, which I presume means ARCs are not too far off. I've already started to get a number of requests for them. The ARCs I receive from my publisher are limited and will be saved for giveaways. But if you are a reviewer, you can always email me and I will forward requests to my publisher, or you can email my publisher directly, to be considered for a review copy. But if you want one from me, you will have to win one in one of my EXCITING CONTESTS! Yay! Just like with Magic Under Glass, I will give away one or two heavily sketched-in copies. So watch for it!