Thursday, February 17, 2011

Between the Sea and Sky new release date!

So, bad news for the impatient: A few of you have noticed that Between the Sea and Sky's release date on Amazon is now October 25th. I got confirmation that this is true.


That is also what I thought. But I was informed of very good reasons for the delay that aren't really anyone's fault, so...I will soldier on until October. These things happen.

In the meantime, you can look forward to my story in the Corsets and Clockwork anthology in May. I got an ARC of the collection and I must say, I really am enjoying it! Usually with short story collections there are some stories I have to slog through but so far I haven't encountered any like that in this collection. I think it's really stellar! I mean, there is a mermaid girl who eats people and a theatrical automaton and a steampunk Civil Rights story and all kinds of cool junk, and I'm not even done with it yet, so definitely pick it up if you are so inclined!

And also in May, the Magic Under Glass paperback will have a preview of Between the Sea and Sky in it. So enjoy the tease! I continue to be very impressed with the amount of people adding the book on Goodreads, pre-ordering it on Amazon and emailing me asking for review copies, so, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the delay, but yay for the other releases in the meantime! Can't wait to read 'em!

    - Liz

  2. Just 'discovered' your blog today....I will be back. Also, I keep hearing about this Corsets and Clockwork anthology so I guess I'm going to have to check that out.