Monday, March 14, 2011

Friend celebrations!

My critique partner got a book deal! And it's a big one!

Putnam Kids Ponies Up for YA Debut
In a high six-figure world rights deal, Arianne Lewin, executive editor at G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers, bought three books by Jessica Spotswood, including the debut novel Born Wicked (formerly called Thrice Blessed). Agent Jim McCarthy at Dystel & Goderich brokered the deal for Spotswood. Born Wicked, set in what the publisher calls “a world of tea parties, engagements, and elegant dresses,” follows the Cahill sisters, a trio of teen witches who must hide their powers in order to save themselves from being shipped off to prison or a mental ward. Spotswood, who is from a small Pennsylvania town, lives in Washington, D.C.

I love this book so much and I knew it would sell well (except when I worried it wouldn't...just like you worry for your own stuff because sometimes the world is unjust!!). Luckily this time talent is recognized and I'm excited because now she can write the sequels! Jessica also happens to be a very sweet and generous person. I'm so happy for her!

Also another old friend has been lifted from the trenches this week when my friend Jen, who was querying alongside me back when I had Magic Under Glass out (yes, it's been a WHILE, although she also had a baby in the interim so she was getting some stuff done, don't worry) has just sold a three-book deal:

Julie Scheina at Little, Brown has acquired world English rights to Jennifer Rush's debut Altered, pitched as Dollhouse meets Prison Break for teens, in a three-book deal. In the novel, 17-year-old Anna finds herself on the run from her father's enigmatic Agency, along with the four teen boys the Agency had been experimenting on, in a mystery of erased memories, secret identities, and genetic alteration. Publication is scheduled for fall 2012. Joanna Volpe at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation did the deal.

Yay friends!!

Of course, on a downer note...Japan. Of course I am depressed whenever any country suffers tragedy, but I love so many things about the country of Japan and I experience a little of their culture on an almost daily basis, picking up a manga or watching anime or playing "My Japanese Coach" in my DS or nomming their candy or whatever, so it hits a little extra hard and it's made it hard to concentrate on writing at all because...well, it seems kind of worthless at a time like this. Even though it really ISN'T, because people need stories, but at a time like this people need, you know, food and houses.


  1. Thank you! And thank you for reminding me to congratulate Jen bc that book sounds awesomesauce.

    RE: Japan, every time I look at the photos I just feel awful and teary. I donated to Shelter Box and that made me feel a *little* better, like I was at least doing something tiny to help.

  2. Ah Jacklyn, I love your heart and sensibility. It is tough right now, but it is important to soldier on finding ways to bring happiness into the world.

  3. Aww, I totally hear you RE: Japan, J-chan... I felt so powerless hearing the ever-worsening reports while sitting safe at home at my desk, unable to do anything (except donate money, though the paltry amounts I was able to afford to give seem kind of useless as well... =__=). But at the same time, I had this translation deadline today so I had to keep working, but couldn’t concentrate when I thought about everything that was happening...

    So I actually took a note from the way the Japanese are handling it. To be honest, I was really surprised and impressed to learn via the tweets of the Japanese people I’m following on twitter (various anime industry ppl) that they are REALLY keeping that stiff upper lip and doing their best to carry on/continue working even though I know they’re badly shaken up. But in a way, it makes sense—if everyone just freezes up and panics/gets depressed, then all the huge systems that keep a country running, from transportation to television broadcasts, would shut down as well and people would REALLY get freaked out/more depressed. Cuz (from the few minor disasters I’ve brushed up against (i.e. the crazy wildfires burning California to a crisp a few years back) there’s something really ominous about a blank/emergency message-running TV station, isn’t there? Like, it makes you feel cut off from the world/like the huge, comforting stability of society itself is crumbling? So it was very wise/far-seeing of them to keep going/perhaps keep themselves busy w/ work so that it, basically, wouldn’t “all go to hell.”

    So yeah, I tried to follow their example this weekend by saying to myself, “I’ve done what I realistically can. My prayers are there. Now, I’m going to focus my mind and finish my work.” And it did work. Though now that I’m done translating, I’m catching up on everything that’s happened over there and am trying to find more ways to help/keep the message alive.

  4. YAY! Thanks Jackie!

    If someone would have told me years ago that it would take me this long to sell a book, I might have given up. But I'm glad I didn't! =D

    And congrats to Jess too! Her book sounds fab. She had me a 'tea parties'.

    And Japan---I can't stop thinking about the people over there who are trying to pick up the pieces.

  5. Su, you're right... I guess the best thing I can do is keep doing what I do best too.

    I'm glad you didn't too, Jen. I always knew you'd make it! Sometimes I think it just works out better later, anyway; whether it's an agent or editor match that wasn't in the right place before, a stronger debut, etc.

  6. I know I wasn't ready years ago. My writing has definitely grown since then. So I'm glad it happened now with Altered, rather than, say, Possession. My writing is in a better place now!

  7. Congrats to your friends and their awesome book deals!

    Also, my heart aches for Japan as well. I feel like it's part of me too, especially since I've set many of my stories there and done tons of research on the culture and history. One of my dreams is to travel and spend a month there someday just researching and learning their history.

    I couldn't stop bawling last Friday every time I saw pictures of it online or on the news. I long to go over there and help but unfortunately can't...however I can donate and I can pray for them. Right now that's the best I can do even though it feels inadequate :(