Friday, June 24, 2011

Betsy the cat

I have three cats. Oskar thinks he is a dog or perhaps our toddler, Puru is pure teasing kitten, and Betsy? Well, we are convinced she is an alien. I drew a comic illustrating some of the weird things she does, although I think I've only halfway captured it.

I can't really draw her tortie markings so I also provided a picture of the genuine article.

Click on the comic for a larger image!


  1. What a beautiful cat! I lived for several months with a family in Chile who had a ton of cats. One of them was kind of that color. (They had some interesting personalities, too.)

    I love how I can recognize your "voice" in even your cat pictures. :)

  2. Murchie lies the same way as Betsy, with his back legs stretched straight out and his front legs crossed. Until now, I'd never met another animal who does that. He also seems to think he's a cat; he perches on things, cat-like, and he washes his face by licking his paws and rubbing them against his cheeks.

  3. Oh my goodness, my cat Sansa is exactly like your Betsy!! She's the same color, dilute calico, and she does all of those things, the standing/licking, the lying on her paws with them tucked up under her chest, the purring in my face while I'm sleeping, and especially the funny lying on her tummy with her legs stretched out behind her and her tail straight up in the air. People crack up whenever they see her do that--it's so odd-looking.

  4. olmue: Aw, I'm glad my voice comes across even in quirkier ways.

    Memory: That is so funny. Sometimes I wonder if cats and dogs get reincarnated as each other! I swear Oskar thinks he is a dog. He even stands by the door and cries like he wants a walk. Silly cat, walks are for dogs!

    Katie: Ha! Maybe it's a dilute-cat thing. I've had a tortie and a couple of calicos before, but never of that pastel-ish color scheme. They are not the most common cats. They're such strange little creatures!

  5. I think I want your cat. She sounds adorable. My cat will sit on you anywhere (I really mean that- chair, couch, computer char, bar stool).