Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My upcoming projects

This has been a busy summer, as far as writing goes. Which is good! I realized I have not properly updated this blog on Between the Sea and Sky, so I thought I'd do a general Update of Projects.

Between the Sea and Sky is my next book! I feel a little bad for it sometimes because of course everyone wants Magic Under Stone. All in good time! I hope you'll love Between the Sea and Sky anyway. It's a love story, much moreso than Magic Under Glass. A love story between smart people with shared interests and mutual respect. Who also happen to be a mermaid and a winged guy. So if you like that kind of story, hopefully you will enjoy this.

I've been wanting to write about a mermaid since I was a wee thing who loved the movie Splash, and a winged guy almost as long. I first attempted the mermaid/winged guy pair up in a big messy novel I tried writing in my early twenties, against a backdrop of war and a zillion things going on. In Magic Under Glass, mermaids and winged folk are briefly alluded to, so in this book I had a chance to flesh out their culture.

I hope Alan doesn't feel too bad, being a skinny lightweight bat dude among all these winged angel/demon hunks that are coming out. ;)

Anyway, Between the Sea and Sky will be released in April or May 2011.

Then there is my story for Corsets and Clockwork, an anthology which should also be a Spring 2011 release. (I am SO EXCITED for Spring 2011.) I wrote half a story and then found out it needed to be more steampunk-y, so I'm back to the start again, with a story I am currently calling The Airship Gemini. If you're curious what it's about, here's a clue...I've been reading about Violet and Daisy Hilton for research... The Airship Gemini = conjoined twins + magic + love!

Finally, Magic Under Stone is coming right along. It will be released presumably in 2012. If Magic Under Glass was all whirlwind starcrossed lovers, Magic Under Glass is about the emotional repercussions. It's too early to tell exactly what will happen because I might change things and then my editor will suggest other changes, but I do think everyone who felt the villains in Magic Under Glass were underdeveloped and the romance too rushed will be pleased. Unless you just don't really like my writing, in which case, you will not be pleased. ^_~


  1. I'm SO EXCITED for all of these! I think Corsets and Clockwork will be my first anthology!

  2. Corsets and Clockwork is going to be awesome... I think the lineup of writers is shaping up to be really good.