Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Casual Blogger

Heyyyy there.

It's been a while. But it's a new year, a much less INSANE year, and I'm feeling like it's time to blow the dust off the old blog.

I'm also going to try to post about more little things instead of waiting a month and writing like, a magazine article. I vow to post about smaller things! More frequent things! Things I can write in the morning (12:06 is totally the morning in my book) when my cat Betsy, happy and full of her morning kibble, conks out on my lap and is too distractingly heavy and adorable for me to do anything more important.

Thought for the day: I just went to the calendar store this week and got my 2013 calendar 50% off. You never know what you'll get, if you wait until after the new year, but I have to say this year might be one of my favorites EVER. Vintage sheet music.

Some of the images are just the BEST, like this month it is an image of an ice palace for the "Ice Palace March-Twostep".

What's on your calendar this year?


  1. That's a cool-looking calendar! Does it come with a snippet of the actual music?

    We often print our own calendars, just because we have a lot of calendar-worthy photos we've taken, but since moving to Idaho, we've been buying the local photographer one that features different locations in Idaho. It comes with a map and brief explanation of the area, so we figure it's like a travel guide of sorts--at least, we try to see the places if they're anywhere close to us! There is a big boring part of the state along I-84, but the rest of Idaho is rather stunning.

    1. No, I certainly wish it did...I will probably see if I can find these songs, although since they were sheet music that predate most recordings I don't know how much luck I'll have...

      And I am getting that impression from your LJ that Idaho is a lovely place!