Thursday, January 17, 2013

The latest Dark Metropolis news! Or, should I say...

Some of you may have been wondering just what is going on with Dark Metropolis anyway. Well, I have some bad news (that is actually good news, believe me):

The book has been pushed back again, to 2014.

I've actually known about this for months, but when I first heard, I was pretty bummed. When it was pushed back to fall 2013 I was like, well, okay. But NOW, I hate that I have no book in 2013 for you, dear readers, especially since I actually write pretty fast, most of the time. But this past year has definitely been out of the ordinary, and truly, I am glad my editor wanted to push the book back to give it the time it needs to be the best book it can be. It's better to wait and have a great book.

But I know, it is still a bummer. I am feeling broke and un-famous. But it's probably been good for my creative process. A kind of re-centering.

However, I also have some nifty news. The book has a new title, and I love it!! It is...


It hasn't gone through marketing yet so there is a wee chance it could change, but...I think it is so evocative! I had nothing to do with choosing it, of course, because I am the WORST with titles and I try to push that job into someone else's hands as much as possible. Pleeeeease, I will write the book, just do not make me title it!!! I gave Hyperion a list of words and they came back with this, which I simply adore. I hope you like it too!

Shiny updated Goodreads listing:


  1. I can't wait to read it, no matter when it comes out. But I so want an ARC as soon as they're available!

    1. I don't know how many ARCs Hyperion sends since they're new for me or how their publicists are (I've heard good things!), but I will certainly try and see that you get one!

  2. I'm still very excited to read it, and I love the new title.