Friday, May 14, 2010


I've been asked to write a story for an upcoming short story anthology called CORSETS & CLOCKWORK (I don't know if that's the final title or not, but anyway, it sounds awesome), from the same editor that brought you The Eternal Kiss and the upcoming Kiss Me Deadly, to be released in the US and UK.

I have an idea I'm really excited about for the short story, but I won't talk about it in case I change my mind. ;)

It'll be out in Spring 2011. Yay!!


  1. Oh that sounds fabulous! I don't really read anthologies, but I'll definitely be reading this one!

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  3. (Sorry, made a typo with my first comment. :P)

    My first thought was, "COOL BEANS!" That's great news that you'll be contributing a short story. :)

    Anyway, I can't wait to read what the stories will be in the anthology (love the title even though it's tentative). (I enjoyed The Eternal Kiss, and I'm anticipating Kiss Me Deadly too.)

  4. This is wonderful news! I'll look forward to reading it.

  5. Wah! Congrats, Jackie!! Sorry for getting to the party late... my blog-reading has been abyssmal these past few weeks... @_@;; (well, it always drops off during the middle/latter end of a month, when translation deadlines start looming... =__=) But in any case, I'm excited to see what kind of story you come up with. The steampunky era suggested by the title(or is that just me seeing what I want to see? ^^; ) is very exciting~~~