Saturday, May 8, 2010

Contest Winners

The winners are:

Kim Baccellia

(Clearly wanting to attend that craft chat thing gives you good contest karma because you guys were all interested in that too! Bizarre!)

Speaking of the craft chat...well, about 4 people showed up. We did have a pretty good craft conversation anyway but then...I forgot to archive it. Yeah, so that was kind of a bomb in some regards, but I might do it again sometime anyway and just try a different approach.


  1. Sorry about the chat. But I'm kinda of glad it didn't get recorded. That way there has to be a repeat and, hopefully, I can make it. :D

    Am pretty excited about the character drawing. I have an idea in mind too. >:D

  2. Um, it's cool. Sorry I kept sending you the information when you said you couldn;t make it. Oops. But you're right, we just need to do it again sometime.

  3. Congratulations to the winners.

    And sorry I didn't make the chat, but I wasn't aware that it was officially happening. I haven't been good about reading blogs this week, so I assume I missed the announcement :(

  4. Same here; I guess I missed the announcement with details?

  5. Yeah, there was a post about it a week or so ago. I will have another one with different "rules" I think!

  6. How did I miss a craft chat?!?!? Ahhhhhh!

  7. Yay!! CHARACTER SKETCH!!! XDD Very excited over here~~~ Thank you again to Jackie's lucky raffle-ballot-drawing-fingers and whichever kindly fates helped me along here~

    As for the craft chat, what a shame that it didn't get saved. ;__; But you know, since so many folks missed out, why don't you start a post about it? Write your opinion, maybe throw in some of those questions you were going to ask at the chat, and then all of us can respond in the comments. The exchanges may be slower, but we can still get a pretty good chat out of it, I'm sure~ :D

  8. Congrats to the winners! And, I'm totally excited about the possibility of another craft chat.

    (and by the way, Jackie, congrats on the sale of your sequel! Great news!)