Saturday, May 1, 2010

Craft Chat

Would anyone be interested in doing a craft chat on Chatzy (or some other chat service, if anyone knows one that doesn't suck), say, twice a month?

Here's the thing, I want a MEATY writer's craft-based chat. Not a crazy frenetic Twitter chat with a zillion people talking at once. I'm thinking a limited group (Chatzy, in fact, won't let cheapskates using free Chatzy have more than ten, so let's say ten people). Say, the first ten people who let me know they're interested.

I would announce a topic beforehand, and then work on a list of question for us to discuss relating to the topic, which I'll just throw out whenever the chat gets boring. If the first question sends us on fascinating tangents, then no need for the rest! But usually chats have periodic lulls.

For the first one, I'm thinking Female Characters and Roles. (This is a fascinating topic to me because I hated writing female characters for my entire teenage years despite considering myself a definite feminist, and now I am praised for my female characters!)

When will this chat be? Um, let's say the first one will be Friday, May 7th, 8 pm Eastern. I have to pick a day when I am not watching some manner of TV show for now, but all these TV shows will end soon and I will move the day and time around so different people can come!

OH, and one more thing, I want to summarize the discussion in a blog post when it's done, so you must be willing to be quoted (although you can be anonymous if you wish!).

I really don't know if anyone else craves intimacy and structure in a chat like I do, but I guess I'll see.

Oh, and one FURTHER thing, published and unpublished writers are okay, just be serious about it. (Not that you have to talk in a serious way all the time, but you know what I mean.)

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Edit: The first chat is full! You can still comment if you'd like to attend a future chat.


  1. I'd be interested!! Don't know what I can contribute, but I'm looking for something like this!! AM was thinking of doing something similar for our Tuesday Night Chat so it's right up our alley!


  2. Lesley: Okay! Well, you can just contribute bubbly energy. =) I'll email you earlier Friday with the chat URL.

  3. Yay!!! Bubbly energy I can definitely do!! If there's a hopping bunny icon I would use it here :D See you Friday.

  4. Ooh, zannen! I would've loved to be in this chat (female characters~~~ why is it so rare to find one I really like in Fantasy/YA Fantasy??). But actually, the timing is a little bad for me cuz 8pm eastern = 5pm pacific, and I'd still be stuck at work for a half hour, then battling traffic for another half hour. =__= How about moving a future one to a Saturday or something? I'd totally be game~~~ XD

  5. Hi Jackie - I'd be interested in a future chat, if you decide to do it again.

  6. Kris--Okay, I will put you on the list for a future chat!