Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ivy Bookshop Signing (note on book availability)

I just spoke with the Ivy Bookshop today about how many books to order, and they are currently planning to get in 10 copies each of Glittering Shadows, Dark Metropolis and Magic Under Glass. At this point I have 5 titles, and for a small bookstore it's a lot to order all of them. This is about how many I sell at an average signing, but I've never done a signing in Baltimore before and it's always hard to predict numbers!

Which is to say, if you are planning on attending this event and you have your heart set on obtaining a particular one of my books, I recommend you call or email the bookstore and reserve them in advance. They told me they can pre-order any of my titles with just a few days notice. (And if, for some reason, you end up not being able to make it, I will of course sign and sketch in them for you when I'm there!) 

Their phone number is 410-377-2966 and their email is info@theivybookshop.com.

Someone just asked me if this event costs any money. Heck no! It's free and we have plenty of fun planned! We just hope you'll buy a book or two to support the bookstore's ability to bring authors in!

I look forward to seeing you!