Saturday, September 18, 2010

And the winner of the Mermaid's Mirror, Matched and Paranormalcy ARCs is...!

Angie Frazier!

(For pete's sake. I just sent her that picture of Oscar from her interview last week! I could have bundled them!! LOL)

Thanks for entering, everybody!!

I spoke at a homeschooling event today about unschooling. It wasn't a huge event but I think I had a really good crowd considering the size...maybe 10 people at the peak. I was nervous though...small crowds are hard, I think. I think my speaking skills are decent. But this made me wish they were better still. The kind of person who can liven up a tough crowd or really engage a small one. I'm not there yet, but I think I'll get there with experience.

Dade thought there was someone there who had been at my signing earlier in the year. Oh gosh, I hope that's not true and there wasn't someone there I should have recognized! I'm so horrid with faces. It's embarrassing. Sometimes really embarrassing. Once when I worked at Sears, this customer asked me if we had meat grinders. In the one minute or so it took to go ask my coworker if we had meat grinders, I forgot what the person looked like. Utterly. I think I remembered their gender. That was it. So I had to go around asking every man in the vicinity if they'd been asking about meat who looked totally different from one another, men of different ages and races. *sigh*

Oh, and the real kicker was, the meat grinder guy seemed to have left.

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