Sunday, October 3, 2010

The agony of the sequel

Magic Under Stone is coming close to the denouement (a word I can spell but likely not pronounce!). I'm feeling a bit of panic.

Writing a sequel is really weird. With Magic Under Glass I had no fan base, no idea how anyone would respond to my work, what people would love and hate about it. Now I have voices in my head: People who want X, people who want more of Z. People who hate Z.

Well, I can never please every fan. But I'm my own first fan. I'd like to please myself, at least! Sometimes I worry if I've even managed that. You know, as a fan, I have my own expectations for the sequel. Certain characters I want to see more of, certain things I want to happen, and as I write, sometimes the characters don't cooperate, sometimes a certain character has turned out to be the kitchen sink--you know, there's everything in it BUT them.

It's the hardest thing when I really WANT something to happen and it just isn't fitting in. Augh. Fan me is so disappointed! Damn that Jaclyn Dolamore!

On the other hand, there have been some marvelous surprises. I'm loving two certain new characters a lot more than I expected. And I didn't think character X was going to turn up much, and they did, and they are awesome.

Either way, it's definitely going to be my longest and most ambitious work yet, and it's always nice to feel like you've moved up a notch in what you're capable of.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean when you talk about the "fan you" being disappointed in your choices as an author!

  2. You'll always have us diehards, who not only trust in your innate storytelling talents, but also remember fondly the days of Det and Leo.

  3. Det will always be the man around here, even if he's just sitting in the background right now... Well, he DID retire after all, I guess he meant it.

    Katherine: I know, I never realized until I was trying to write actual complete books how I can disappoint myself...

  4. You can always write fanfiction of your own characters and include the bits that won't fit in that way? ;P

  5. Don't worry! It's going to be epic as long as you made yourself happy!

  6. "Damn that Jaclyn Dolamore!"


    Great post. And yay for moving up notches.

  7. I understand exactly Jaclyn. And the truth of the matter is you never truly can please everyone, so I think before trying to please everybody else you have to please yourself. Of course I'm one of the many just dying to read the series, but I know that it's hard when you're writing more and people are hoping something will happen and you're not quite sure if you want that to happen.
    Stay true to what will fit best with your story and your characters and I certain you shall make it through.
    Best of luck with your series!

    author of the Magicians series

  8. Celeste: Aw. yeah, I think all my writing used to be like fan fiction for myself. And now I feel very guilty when I write purely for fun. I'll probably get over it at some point, but I guess because I'm in the first few years of having a real career I can't help but put everything into keeping it going.

    Lindsey: Thanks! You are very right. The hardest parts, of course, is when I'm not sure if what I'm doing does fit my story best... gyaaah