Sunday, April 17, 2011

Magic Under Glass, 3 years later, and writer growth

First, a couple bits of news. Between the Sea and Sky ARCs exist! I had it confirmed by some bloggers who were at TLA! Can I just have a moment to flail with mingled joy and terror? *FLAILS*

Also, I got a sneak peek of the Magic Under Stone cover. (Whoa, I almost spelled that "peak" after having a whole Twitter convo yesterday about people who screw up peek, peak and pique...) Anyway, it'll probably be ages until I can show it off (AND NO I do not know what season in 2012 it comes out) but it's preeeetty.

Between the Sea and Sky sold in Turkey! So to all my Turkish blog readers, which as far as I know is zero, you may rejoice!

And, last but not least, Magic Under Glass has been chosen by Amazon UK for their Easter E-Book promotion. From tomorrow to May 2nd, UK readers can purchase the e-book of Magic Under Glass for a mere 75p!

All right, so I've been thinking lately about how it took me three years to get an agent. My writing, by the end of my search, was a light year ahead of where it had been at the beginning. I could see myself grow in a trail of increasingly better rejections, but more than that, I could see it in the books. I knew they were better.

It has now been three years since I finished the version of Magic Under Glass that got me an agent and sold. Two years, even, since I did revisions with my editor. A mere 16 months since it was released. But man oh man, I can't wait to have another book out. I'm sure my writing won't always keep growing with every book (it would be nice, but few people seem to peak right before death...) but for now, I think it has. A book I wrote three years ago already feels like ancient history. Not downright embarrassing...actually, I'm never really embarrassed by my work because I think it was always good for the time in which I wrote it...but that time is over now. If I wrote Magic Under Glass all over again, it would be a very different book now.

They say the best way to grow as a writer is to write another book. I think that's true. I've been thinking over the books I wrote and when I wrote them, and how each of them advanced:

Selkie Rock, age 18: The first novel I ever finished. I had a lot of unfinished works before then, but this was where I learned how to tell a story from beginning to end.
Untitled Det and Leslie novel, age 23: I learned I could write more than one novel! And quickly! So there was no longer any excuse for not being a writer.
Magic Under Glass, age 24-26: I tore up and reconstructed this book three times. I really learned to revise with Magic Under Glass, how to tighten my writing, make a book page turning, and push the characters and themes deep enough to compel someone to buy it.
Between the Sea and Sky, age 27: Magic Under Glass was more plot-driven. I wanted this book to have more character depth and heart.
Magic Under Stone, age 28: This book had two POVs. (Actually my second novel with two POVs, but I left the other off the list because it is somewhat out of sequence with the rest of the timeline.) My first sequel, so it was a bit messy in that regard, but because I already knew the characters I could push them deeper still.
The Dark Metropolis, age 29: Not finished yet, but this one has been more experimental than my others, with three points of view, darker themes and several elements I am somewhat surprised I'm tackling.

After TDM, what I really want is to be able to write a series! But we'll see.


  1. So much good news! I can't wait to buy Between the Sea and Sky. I can't believe it's already been 16 months since Magic Under Glass's release. Crazy. And you've come so far!! :D

  2. I know. Time flies like whoa. the same CRAWLS.

  3. So true. I keep thinking 2012 is soooo far away, but at the same time, it's been two months since Altered sold. It's gone by so quickly.

    I'm excited to hear about your future books, btw. I'm very intruigued by The Dark Metropolis. :)

  4. This was so interesting to read, Jaclyn. I can't wait until Magic Under Stone comes out, but in the mean time it's good to know that I'm not the only writer who feels like writing another book is the only way to improve.
    Please keep us updated. I'm very excited to read new work from you. Your books are an inspiration! :)

  5. Jen--Yes, before you know it you'll be done with your current contract! I can't believe I only have edits on my third book and one check and then that'll be closed out. Seems like I sold the thing just yesterday...

    LReneeS: Yes, I don't even think I COULD have written The Dark Metropolis without writing Magic Under Stone first. It is longer and more intricate than my previous works. I've been slowly building up to such things...