Monday, December 26, 2011

An Odd Christmas

I hope you all had a lovely holiday. Thank you to all my friends who sent gifts and cards!

I have to say it was a pretty underwhelming Christmas on my end. The weather was so warm and muggy it was hard to feel festive, it was my first Christmas without my parents after their move to North Carolina, and being house-poor and moving I didn't want any presents, nor did I give any. I still got a few of course. And I really didn't want many presents. But it still feels a little odd. I also didn't buy a tree, nor did I bother to get out any decorations while I'm trying to PACK. But who wants to decorate when we've barely had a day all year that wasn't warm to hot? Apparently no one because the whole neighborhood is curiously lacking in lights and wreaths compared to prior years.

Oh, well. There were still some bright spots. The Science Channel ran an Oddities marathon. It's one of my favorite recent discoveries in TV, centering around the buying and selling of everything from taxidermy and pickled two-headed animals in jars to baby coffins and Victorian mourning jewelry in a small shop in NYC. I am not much of a fan of dead animals PERSONALLY, but the customers are so eccentric, artistic, and fascinating and the shop owners often go into their apartments and homes, crammed full with amazing collections. Also, the woman who works at the shop, Evan, seems like someone I would know and go junking with, and I'm totally crushing on the dapperly dressed employee Ryan Matthew Cohn.

Dade and I have been debating which of my characters he most reminds us of.

Besides watching DVRed episodes of Oddities throughout the holiday, I got "Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings" by Mary Henley Rubio, which has been utterly gripping. I've read all of L. M. Montgomery's journals except the final volume but Mary Rubio conducted many interviews and did a lot of research to show some different sides of her life as well as providing a terribly engaging summary of the events in her journals. I find LMM to be an endlessly fascinating personality. Proving that professional success doesn't necessarily bring much happiness, she had to deal with a lengthy lawsuit with her original publisher, a trouble marriage, bouts of depression, and many personal losses. Poor Maud. I read her when I need comfort. But I can hardly tear away from this book!

Finally, I heard from my editor for Dark Metropolis that my editorial letter is on the way soon. Despite some apprehension about juggling a 900 mile move and an editorial letter at once, I couldn't be more excited! I'm ready to dive back into this book!

(However, I don't think you'll be seeing much more of me for a WHILE.)

Also, it APPEARS that Junior Library Guild selected Magic Under Stone. Magic Under Glass was a JLG selection and I am terribly honored. I've also seen some Spanish bloggers report that Magic Under Stone was picked up by Magic Under Glass's Spanish publisher but I haven't had it confirmed yet. Foreign bloggers, we authors oftentimes depend on you to report the news, so keep on keepin' on.


  1. A long time ago when I was working as a proofreader while an undergraduate (college level educational stuff), I did a course on taxidermy. Seriously, you can take a distance learning class on that and get college credit. It was er, sort of fascinating, in a gruesome sort of way. Kind of like how I image that show to be (but without the people-watching on the side, I suppose).

    I agree that it's hard to get into the spirit when it's warm! But I hope your end-of-year holidays are nice, anyway.

    BTW, my younger daughter has stolen my copy of Magic Under Glass and won't give it back. She keeps telling me how excellent it is.

  2. (That would be proofreading the course, NOT actually taking it! My roommates would not have taken too kindly to me storing squirrel roadkill in the freezer...)

  3. Haha! Yes. Taxidermy in the freezer would not be a pleasant sight!

    I'm so glad your daughter is enjoying Magic Under Glass!

  4. I so watched the Oddities marathon! We (my hubby, nine-year-old, and I) love that show! The albino deer was very lovely.

  5. I love Oddities! Did you see the episode where Ryan went on a date with one of their customers?? It was SO awkward hahaha.

    I think a lot of people toned down Christmas this year. We usually get lots of Christmas cards, but this year we only got 11. Last year we saved money and didn't buy a tree, but I missed it so much, we put one up this year :)

  6. Lol, and my daughter JUST seconds ago finished MUG. Direct quote: "There needs to be a sequel. There needs to be more. I WANT MORE!! Her books are GOOD! I love them."

    There ya go. Totally unscripted kid reaction. When is Magic under Stone coming out? :)

  7. Holly, I never thought I would want a deer head. But I want that albino deer. I can totally imagine it in my office.

    Kristin, I just watched the date episode (still catching up, that was a lot of episodes). Yeeeeah ohmigosh. Although, I do think the show plays up awkward moments anyway? So maybe it wasn't actually AS bad in real life?

    Rose, Magic Under Stone comes out in April. I am so glad she enjoyed it!!