Monday, March 24, 2014

A Few Samples from My Photo Collection

You may not know that I collect old photos, though it probably won't surprise you either. I resell most of what I come across, but I keep them if "they look like a character" or "look like they have a story to tell". I might not know who the character is yet, but I still know 'em when I see 'em.

However, I did sell these girls and I'm regretting it. These are some very stylin' preteens. Sometimes I sell things before I decide I like them and then I'm like, drat.

Here are some other favorites:


  1. The pose and clothing in photo 2 remind me of photos I've seen of M's mother's family from back in Europe in the 30s. The deco typeface on the third photo looks, again, as if a 30s European photo studio took it.

    1. I actually have some other photos of the bearded man in photo 2 with his wife and two little girls, and a photo of the two little girls separately. I got them almost a year later! Apparently someone was slowly giving their photo collection to the auction house. They're from 1906ish, I believe, as the back of the photo has information from the photo studio and mentions an exposition that happened then.