Saturday, October 3, 2015

Glittering Shadows blog tour ahoy!

Shane at Itching for Books was kind enough to set up a blog tour for Glittering Shadows for me. Although the book came out in June, I have much more time to talk about it now, AND, honestly? It's a very October-ish book if you ask me. It takes place across the fall and winter...and it's creepy.

I'll be linking to the giveaway and posts as they go up, but here is the sign-up if any of you who blog would like to participate: Glittering Shadows Sign-Up

Speaking of Halloween, I'm currently working on a middle grade about witches, and it involves a Halloween dance! So I'm feeling very Halloween-ish this year. It's rare when my writing actually matches the season so well. Sometimes I feel like I'm always writing about winter in the summer, and summer in the winter. Which maybe isn't so bad, as I tend to wish for the opposite when it's TOO hot or cold, but when it's October? I don't wish for anything else. I hope you're all having a lovely autumn too.

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