Tuesday, May 3, 2011

M is for May and Magic Under Glass Contest!!


News flash: I just got in my Between the Sea and Sky ARCs. And there are enough to go around! So I'm revising this contest and giving away two ARCs! And I'm extending the deadline until June 7th, the original Between the Sea and Sky release date, so you have a little more time. Sorry about the rule tweaks, I don't usually do that, but it's an EXCITING rule tweak.

That means the Magic Under Glass paperback will be available in three weeks! And I just got my first official paperback in the mail. It is pretty! It has a Between the Sea and Sky teaser inside!

So, I want to have a contest for FANS of Magic Under Glass. All of you guys who have read the book and talked about it have my gratitude. But what can I give you? I can't just hand out paperback copies because obviously you've already read it. But I can give out an extra-special copy. So, the grand prize winner of this contest gets:

--A paperback copy of Magic Under Glass laden with sketches of all the characters and handwritten notes about the writing and research and maybe a couple of hints about what happens in Magic Under Stone!
--AND, an ARC of Between the Sea and Sky!

There will also be a runner-up prize of a signed UK copy of Magic Under Glass with a sketch of Erris and Nimira in the front AND, an ARC of Between the Sea and Sky.

How do you enter?

Well, there are two ways. Write a review of Magic Under Glass and post it your blog that mentions the paperback is coming out May 24th (if you don't have a blog, I'll also accept Goodreads or Amazon, in which case you don't have to mention the release date), OR if you have already written a review, make a post that mentions the paperback release and links back to your old review.

OR if you aren't the reviewing sort, you can create any kind of show of love for Magic Under Glass: fan art, fan fic, animation, movie, collage, doll, performance art, Erris-trapped-in-clockwork mime on a street corner, WHATEVER.

Post here and link to what you did. I will select my favorite 20% of these reviews or fan creations and randomly draw the grand prize from among them. I will randomly draw the runner up prize from ALL entries.

Other details:
1. Contest ends June 7th.
2. International entries are welcome! However, it is really expensive to ship overseas and I am kinda poor, so international winners will have to choose between having the first prize shipped now, or both prizes shipped around the release of Between the Sea and Sky.
3. Can you enter with a less-than-positive review? Yes. I don't want people to start freaking out about their reviews having critical comments. Thoughtful reviews are always appreciated even if they are mixed.
4. Can you enter more than once with say, a review and fan art or whatever? Well, sure! That would be awesome. You are welcome to enter up to three times with a review and/or different fan works, and I'd be surprised if anyone wanted to enter more than that anyway...


  1. Ah-hah! I was looking for an excuse to sit down and color that ErrisxNimxHollin love triangle fanart~~ XD

  2. Great competition :) I've just posted a new blog in support of the upcoming US paperback release here:


    I also fit in links to your blog, the Amazon.com pages for ordering M.U.G. AND B.t.S.a.S., and not forgetting, my own review of Magic Under Glass:


    Hope you like :)

  3. Although I included the paperback release date on my review, I made a new post to highlight the review. You can see the post here.

    Congrats on the paperback release! And I can't wait for Between the Sea and Sky!

    Sara M

  4. Yay! Awesomeness! I tweaked my old FLYP review and posted it on my blog. http://notquitesuperhuman.blogspot.com/2011/05/book-review-magic-under-glass.html

  5. Congrats on the paperback release!!

    My Review: http://abookaddictshaven.blogspot.com/2011/01/magic-under-glass-by-jaclyn-dolamore.html

    Thank you!

  6. Not to sound greedy, but... can we enter more than once with different types of entries? Say, a review and a fanfic as separate entries?

    (Okay, maybe I am greedy. Hey, I don't have a copy of Magic Under Glass yet! I got it from the library!)

  7. Clare K. R. Miller: Sure, why not! I will edit the post to reflect that..

  8. Thanks for the contest! I did a post mentioning an old review and the paperback release. http://inkandprose-nicole.blogspot.com/2011/05/paperback-of-magic-under-glass.html

  9. Posting here, too, since it seems to be the more "official" entry (if not, I apologize for the double comment, and obviously you only need to count one; I'm not trying to sneak in more chances!): I wrote a long-overdue review on my blog!

  10. Excellent - I've got you covered in my corner of the internetverse: http://writerwriterpantsonfire.blogspot.com/2011/05/bbc-book-review-magic-under-glass-by.html

    And truly, yeah, I read it in six hours. :)

  11. Read "Magic Under Glass" as part of my reading project (books to read before buying a new book - never a good idea!) and it's my favorite so far. Posted a review to http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/138092040
    Can't wait for book two!

  12. Loved Magic Under Glass when I reviewed it last year!

    Here's a link to my new post about the paperback release, my old review, and this giveaway: http://missprint.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/magic-under-glass-paperback-giveaway-etc/

  13. Thanks for the great entries so far!!

  14. I loved Magic Under Glass.
    Here's my review: http://nlmars.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/review-magic-under-glass/

    I can't wait for its sequel! :D

  15. Well, it looks like I'm not getting around to writing a fanfic... sigh. I wanted to get it back out of the library to look for some stuff but I guess other people keep taking it!

    So here's my review: http://clare-dragonfly.dreamwidth.org/18737.html