Saturday, October 15, 2011

Launch Party in Orlando (not mine)

My friend Jessica Martinez, author of Virtuosity, is having her launch party this Tuesday! This book has been getting great buzz! It'll be at the Waterford Lakes Barnes & Noble at 6:30. It should be fun!

Also, I got Magic Under Stone ARCs. A TON of them. I've already spent hundreds of dollars mailing out Between the Sea and Sky ARCs, so I stared at these with a mixture of excitement and...horror. So, I will be toting them around everywhere I go. Well, at least everywhere book-related I go. I'll have a few at this launch party. Come say hi to me and buy Jessica's wonderful book, and I'll give you a Magic Under Stone ARC. (Quantities limited, because I don't expect anyone to really show up. I think maybe three central Floridians look at my blog every week...)

Stay tuned to this space for my Between the Sea and Sky prequel comic strips! Yessss.


  1. If I was anywhere near Florida, I'd swing by for an ARC and a copy of Virtuosity.

  2. Excellent! I just got our copy of VIRTUOSITY for the library this weekend, it was a Junior Library Guild selection, excellent cover too!

  3. Sounds fun. I'll try to swing by and support you guys.